How to change the gravity of my scene?

In my game I’ve got 2 scenes: One called Outer Space → Where my spaceship flies, and the another scene called Planet → where my ship lands… And as I started working in the first scene, I changed in the Project settings the gravity to 0 and when I went to my planet all my things started flying.
SO,THE QUESTION IS how to set the gravity in my planet (scene) to 9.81 m/s^2 if I want the Outer space gravity = 0?


Hey you can use a script in the scene that implement this method
When you can insert in both scenes.
Scene 1 as 0,0,0
Scene2 as 0,9.3f,0


private Vector3 newGravity;

private void Start()
        Physics.gravity = newGravity; 

UnityScript :

Vector3: newGravity;

function Start()
    Physics.gravity = newGravity;

It could be easier to just change the gravity scale in the inspector, in the Rigidbody component