how to change the gun but keep the bullets

i already asked this but i didnt get any answer and i really need this to be working, so here it is a little more detailed, i have a weapon system where i change between them by pressing the numbers bar(on top of the keyboard) the weapons are instantiated, so everytime i a press a number, it instantiates a new clone of the prefab. how can a i make the guns keep the bullets when i change the current gun instead of get fully charged everytime?
excuse my english

for (int i = 0; 0 < guns.Length;  i ++) 

			if(Input.GetKeyDown((i + 1) + "") || Input.GetKeyDown("[" + (i + 1) + "]"))

	void EquipGun(int i) {
		if (currentGun) {

		currentGun = Instantiate(guns*,handHold.position,handHold.rotation) as Gun;*
  •  currentGun.transform.parent = handHold;*
  •  currentGun.gui = gui;*
  •  animator.SetFloat("Weapon ID",currentGun.gunID);*
  • }*

The simplest way would be for your player to store how many bullets are left for each gun and then update that property of the gun after you instantiate it.

If you want something a little more solid then you can have the play store references to each gun and only use one at a time. I.E. Have GameObject guns; and int activeGun; to access the current gun.