How to change the player model?

hey guys :D

i was just wondering how i can change the model of the player if they choose a certain race.

yes its an RPG..but im starting to think that unity wasnt made for RPGs but im having trouble finding a good open licence RPG engine.

anyway..the player might choose a mage and an do i get it to change model?

thanks :D

Model the types of characters, mage, elf, etc.

And have a screen using gui:

And depending which button they select, instantiate that model:

And that character will have whatever settings you need.

As for Unity not being good for RPGs, if you mean online RPGs, I can agree a little, but if you mean online RPG's, then I totally disagree. Unity is very good about non-multiplayer games.

Also, you may need player preferences (To save what the player has done), so go here:

Good luck!