How to change the position of the camera when loading a scene ?

Hello so i have a scene that has a corridor of a building with a player and child main camera also a washroom with a player and a child main camera …i want to switch from the washroom scene to the corridor scene when i click on a door handle , but when i do the scene loads with the initial position of the camera in the corridor …how to change the position of the camera when i load the corridor scene to be in front of the door ? i tried some scripts that has Don’tDestryOnLoad but it doesnt work :frowning:

Hello. you can have an static Vector3 called cameraSpawnPosition. and in the awake assign the camera position to that vector3. then when you are going to load the new scene assign a new valua to the cameraSpawnPosition. or persist the camera with dontdestroyonload. but you will need to destroy the new generated camera since you will have 2 cameras(probably whats happening now)