How to change the shape of gameObjects

I have a game where you roll a ball around and collect yellow cubes. I want to change the ball to like an animal. A monkey maybe. And then I want to change the yellow cubes to bananas. How would I do this? All answers are appreciated! Thanks in advance!

You would need some 3D Models. Both for the monkey and the bananas. You would also need a completely different script for controlling the monkey, as it is an animal not a ball. (Unless the model is fully rigged and you made him turn into a “monkeysphere” thing.)

For 3D Models you can hire Designers, search for free models in the internet, buy one in the asset store or in professional websites, or you can just download a 3D modeler. There are a lots of them:

You didn’t specified if you wanted to make a different game or just change the objects like: Press “W” to change from sphere to monkey, so i assume that you are talking about a style changing.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate in asking it.

So you’re following the Roll-A-Ball tutorial and you want to expand on it by making it with monkeys. There is no (recommended) way of doing that with just Unity alone; you’d want to use meshes, but these cannot be made in Unity. Unity is a game engine, and meshes are made in 3D modeling programs. If you already have the model, you just drag it on there like Cherno described, but if you don’t you need to go and make it yourself, or download one online.