How to change the speed of Play Mode?

I realize my ships are moving too fast, I suspect it’s the play mode wasn’t set in real time pace mode, how do I adjust it?

Thanks in advance

First of all, you can set the speed of ‘time’, which will adjust how Time.time and Time.deltaTime are calculated, and adjust the speed of things which are time-dependent (like physics). Take a look at these documents:

However, I’m guessing that that’s not what’s going on here. Unless you’ve specifically changed it, the default time scale is ‘1’. What’s more likely is that you have something that updates once per frame instead of per time. Keep in mind that a frame has no specific time associated with it. Frames render as fast as the computer can run, and can be affected by your video card, available memory, what other programs happen to be running, etc. If you have code that executes in an Update() function and is time-dependent, you either need to move it to FixedUpdate() (which does happen at a regular speed) or multiply in Time.deltaTime (the time since the last frame) to move from a frame basis to a time basis.