How to change the time on an iTween path once the object it's already in motion?

Hello, I’m implementing a game using iTween to create a flight system on rails. I want the player to be able to create a “bullet-time” kind of mechanic into that path so that the player can slow motion at any moment while still moving on that path, and once the slow motion meter runs out, to speed up again to the original speed, but to continue always inside the path. Is there a way of doing this with a single iTween path?? Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Alex

You will need to stop and restart your tween with the new hash settings. As long as this is done in the same frame, there shouldn’t be any visible difference.

You can stop a tween with iTween.Stop() and specify the object or tween you’re wanting to stop.

Oh, great, thanks. On the same thread, how do you get the current frame of the iTweenPath? so I can stop it on that frame and restart it on the same frame