How to change UI button animation speed (4.6 UI)


I would like to change UI button animation speed to be faster but I can’t find any way to change it. I tried changing the animation speed properties, animator transition properties and creating a completely new animator from scratch. The transitions are always the same speed.

For example:

Normal → Pressed

Transition takes always the same time to complete. I would like it to be faster to make a more responsive feeling UI.

Thank you!

I found the solution, posting here for anyone else who has this same issue (applies to Unity 5 as well)

Select the animation controller that was created and open the Animator window. Select the Any State animation that should link to all the available animations. In the inspector, select the transition you want to edit under Transitions (i.e. AnyState → Pressed). Below it there should be an expandable section called Settings, open it. In THERE is a property called Transition Duration - this is what you want to edit!

I can’t believe how deeply hidden and difficult that is. Why Unity doesn’t let you modify that parameter directly from the Button component itself is beyond me.

Simply drag the in and out handles closer together to decrease the transition duration. This should give you a much more responsive feeling button.