how to change ui font size in unity editor?

My desktop resolution is 1680X1050

Use the experience of unity is painful,Text and options like ants on the screen

I can not find the relevant settings can improve this,

Any option you like Blender’s DPI?

  • Blender a 3D open-source software
  • DPI User preferences-> system-> General-> DPI

Unity has no settings for the editors font size. You can try to change the font size in the settings of your OS. But I’m not sure if this will help.

In the feedback section of this site, this has been brought up as something people want changed. You should visit the link:
and vote on it. If they get enough votes they may change it. Its actually one of the top things that people want changed.

select your Canvas and on inspector theres some options which you can scale with current screen, world and another oneIi don’t remember. Set to Screen and change de resolution or field of depth.
Also if you select your text you can change de font size too.