how to check if a set game object exists as a child or other method

hey! just trying to make a script for blowing out a tire ( shooting it making it pop) I have got a js.script already, which controls the tire blowing, but then I am trying to check in my C# script whether that object is alive or not to change variables such as grip and radius of wheel in the wheel script. I tried to achieve this using the if if (GameObject.Find(“MyTire”)!=null) but this didn’t work because it needs to find an object in the game called MyTire, which would not work as one car has four wheels, meaning each tire would need to be destroyed before the changes would come into affect.
I would like to try and make it so that the tire that needs to be checked is just a changeable variable in the inspector so that for each wheel, i can select its appropriate tire, can someone help me achieve this?

This is what I have to destroy the tires (If someone could also convert this into C# that would also work, but seems like more effort)

var score = 20;
var maximumHitPoints = 100.0;
var hitPoints = 100.0;
var GOPos : GameObject;

function ApplyDamage (damage : float) {
	if (hitPoints <= 0.0)

	// Apply damage
	hitPoints -= damage;
	// is it blown yet?
	if (hitPoints <= 0.0)

function Replace() {

(this is a javascript not a C#)

and this is the part that I tried to do in the wheel C# script

public float radius = 0.34f;
public float grip = 1.0f;
public GameObject MyTire;

void FixedUpdate () {

		if (GameObject.Find(MyTire)!=null)
		  Debug.Log("I LOST MY TIRE!!!!!");
		  grip = 0.5f;
		  radius = 0.5f;

so yea any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Just remove GameObject.Find. You don’t need it since you already got the reference with the public variable.