How to check if a tag name contains something.

I have this pick up script and the following line that doesn’t work:

(objectToPickup.tag != "Carryable" | objectToPickup.tag != "Meat")

So I decided to use a different method:
Making the tag names Carryable Meat, Carryable Vegetables etc. and checking if the tag names contain the word “carryable”.
How do I go about to doing this?

Any help is appreciated.

Try this out :

void OnCollisionEnter(Collision collision)
        if ("Carryable"))


Use tags for general category only. E.g. “collectible”
Add that one general tag to everything you can collect.

Thus you might want this instead of yours.

Create a script “itemPrefs” with a collectible info: name, cost, whatever else you need.
On collision, reference the script with all info you want, from the collided collectible.

That will spare you the hassle of 1000 tags.