How to check if the asset i purchased on asset store is making any http calls or transmitting dat

Hi Guys i have bought a few assets on app store and an in process of implementing my game idea. I would like to make sure the assets i purchased arenot transmitting any data out without my knowledge from the game. How can i test and check for this.

Does unity review assets for this.

There are a few possibilities:

You can simply go through all of the scripts from the assets you downloaded and look for any unusual network code. Fom my experience with Unity Editor script, I can tell it is possible for a script to hide it’s presence in the Unity project file viewer, so I recommend you use Windows Explorer with all hidden files visible and assess the scripts from there. If you don’t know how to view hidden files, follow this link.

Secondly, you could disable all of Unity’s default internet routines in Unity and then check using either Windows Firewall or other browsing software to see if any packets are being sent by Unity.

The second is quite impractical as if I was a person making malicious files on the assets store (I’m not), I would make them only transmit when the project consists of a large amount of files.

I hope this helps @karmik.

you can do this by a) looking at the code of the assets or b) running something like wireshark to sniff packets and look for unusual activity.