How to check if the link where your game is downloaded from in unity

I’ve only used UA once before so if my question is not very specific I apologize and if the punctuation isn’t that good my apologies grammar was never my strong suit. I’m not really sure how to make my question more specific so if you need more info just ask and I will add more when I get the chance. Now on to the question,I need to check where my game is download from on the internet as a part of an anti-piracy measure so I want to be able to set the upload link to and if the game is download from the server at then it is pirated because it will not be coming from the original server of then I will activate the anti-piracy measures I already know how to do that.

@crusaderWR84 This isn’t really a Unity topic, but I have noticed… There is a lot of people who don’t really fight pirates for various reasons… Still, for those who do want to protect their games… This link’s info might be helpful.

Another anti-piracy measure which seems to crop up when this discussion is brought up is to make a cracked version of your game and uploading it to the pirate sites. Game Dev Tycoon did this, for instance.

DRMs are another option… but they can make legit players get punished for “piracy” or cheating, etc.

Sadly, one way I heard security for games being described as is a lock on a door. The lock is not foolproof, and the door will eventually be broken into.

All in all, it depends on what you upload the game to- as there may be an API you can use- and how much money you want to invest in it for further protection… and of course how tight the lock you use is.

Protecting digital content, including games, from piracy is a complex and ongoing challenge for developers and publishers. While it’s true that no system is entirely foolproof, there are various measures that can be taken to deter and mitigate piracy. Let’s go through some of the points you mentioned: Verifying Steam ID: The link you shared seems to be discussing how to check the Steam ID of a buyer within Unity. This can be a useful step to ensure that only legitimate purchasers have access to certain features or content. However, it’s worth noting that determined pirates might still find ways to bypass this check. Income can still be made from online gaming, and even more so if you use bonuses such as Bucky Bingo Casino bonuses if wagered correctly, you can get rich. Releasing Cracked Versions: Some developers have experimented with releasing their own “cracked” versions of their games that include tweaks or modifications that negatively impact the gameplay experience for those who download the cracked version. While this approach is an interesting tactic, it may not be suitable for all developers, and it’s essential to consider potential backlash or negative reviews from legitimate players who may encounter these issues unintentionally.

interesting topic, what other options can you suggest guys?

Get the Referrer URL: In your game’s code, you can access the Referrer URL, which is the URL of the page that linked to your game’s download page. This can be done using JavaScript in web-based games or through other methods depending on the platform you are using.Check the Referrer URL: After obtaining the Referrer URL, check if it matches the URL of your original server. If it matches, then the game is downloaded from your authorized server, and you can proceed with the normal flow. If I need to play somewhere, and since I love gambling, I look here - this is a list of Australian casinos with a minimum $20 deposit. Please note that this method is not foolproof, as it relies on the Referrer URL, which can be manipulated or removed by some browsers or download managers.