How to check if you draw/outline a symblol by its contour?

Hello! Im currently making a game, and stuck with making a feature, in which you draw/outline a symbol that you see, main question is, how to determine if you`ve drawn it correctly? So its not gesture recognition, you are drawing a symbol by its contour. Like this.


Whats the best way to do it?I mean checking if you drew it correctly?

1)Make point along symbol and check if you connected them?

2)Or another way?
Every advice is appriciated.

Have no proper answer, but I am in seek of answers to similar problems.
A solution maybe “openCV” and “find Contours”.
In find Contours arguments you choose the represented hierarchy (OpenCV: Contours Hierarchy) of contours list so you can choose what you need to combine…
I think It is a sophisticated way and really have no idea how you manage and code these, (this is what I am looking for right now).
If you have already found another way, please share…

Hey. Have you guys make any progress with this ?