How to check is object colliding multiple times in one frame

I need to put an object (a trigger) in multiple positions and check if it is colliding. I have a function called in FixedUpdate that calls a function from the trigger object that returns is OnTriggerEnter runned or not, but this doesn’t work. I need to do this for about hundred times. Do I need to use a frame for every check?

I’m not american and my english is not very good, but i think what you want is “OnTriggerEnter” or OnCollisionEnter" so if you want to check if something is colliding you should do something like this (java):

var isColliding : boolean;

function OnCollisionEnter (collision : Collision){
    isColliding = true;

function Update(){
        //something happens here

I didn’t checked if the code is correct so if there’s something wrong just call me i’ll try to correct and also i think this helps :smiley: (not sure if this is what yur asking)