How to check spelling is correct or not

I’m making a word search puzzle game Where the user selects alphabet letters. I want to check if the spelling of the word is correct or not. I searched on the internet and found a video of net-spell package. but this video is not clear to me. I generated a code using unity’s muse. but I’m getting error in code.
Can someone help me?

this is the code generate by muse.

using UnityEngine;
using NetSpell.SpellChecker;

public class SpellCheckExample : MonoBehaviour
    void Start()
        SpellChecker spellChecker = new SpellChecker();
        spellChecker.Dictionary.DictionaryFile = "path/to/your/dictionary/file";

        string wordToCheck = "exmple";
        if (!spellChecker.TestWord(wordToCheck))
            Debug.Log("Word is misspelled: " + wordToCheck);
            Debug.Log("Suggestions: " + string.Join(", ", spellChecker.Suggest(wordToCheck)));
            Debug.Log("Word is correct: " + wordToCheck);

I’m getting this error - The type or namespace name ‘SpellChecker’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
But I already imported the package in asset folder.

If the dictionary file is located within your project’s assets, you might need to use Unity’s Application.dataPath to construct the correct file path:

spellChecker.Dictionary.DictionaryFile = Application.dataPath + "/path/to/your/dictionary/file";

You might need to log the Application.dataPath to find the correct path!