How to cite sprites/textures?

If I use a texture i found on google images in my game am I allowed to publish my game to the app store? What is the proper way of going about this? I would not want to get into any legal trouble and would like to properly cite an artist if possible. It may be difficult to track down the true creator.

You need to read the license agreements for images (and follow them), purchase the images, or create them yourself. Most people don’t like having their work sold without their knowledge by other people, and are more than happy to sue over it. If you’re not sure, contact a lawyer. The last thing you want is legal advice from programmers, trust me.

“Citing” an artist is not a defence against copyright infringement… if those are copyrighted images (and they probably are, unless the person who created them explicitly put them in the public domain), you have no right to use them, whether you credit the artist or not.