How to click on button that is behind transparent image in New UI?

I’m having trouble finding out how to click on a button that is behind a image that I use as a mask of some sort. Can i make that image unclickable? It seems reasonable that images are unclickable objects, but when the image is in front of the button then I cant get buttons to work. After I move the image in hierarchy or disable game object the click works.

Is there any way to handle what is clickable and not in the new UI? (I’ve tried ignore raycast layer with no luck)

Thank you in advance.

You can put a CanvasGroup on the panel and untick interactable and blocksRaycast or move the button down the hierarchy when you want it in front of the panel. Not got access to unity so from memory its setlastsibling.

Hello, just to update it with Unity 5.3, you can deselect a boolean field in the Image component, called “Raycast Target”. It ignores the raycast of the event system and there is no need of adding another component :slight_smile: