How to clone git project using Dropbox?

I am really new to Unity, just downloaded the Free version. I created a project on my Mac laptop, create a git repository and followed this tutorial to create a bare remote repository in order to clone it on my Windows desktop.

The repository on Dropbox has a .gitignore file and no Library folder. The project is set to Visible Meta Files and Force Text for serialization.

The problem is when I create a new project on my Windows machine and clone the project from Dropbox. I open the project, the Assets are there, but the game objects in the Hierarchy are gone.

What am I missing in order to start developing on my Window machine as well?

@getyour411 You pointed me to the right direction! After reading your comment I went to check my Assets/Scenes directory and found out that git didn’t commit it because it was empty, so (from my Mac) I had to save a new Scene in the Assets/Scenes directory, push it to Dropbox, and pull it from my PC. It now works fine.

Would you post a proper answer so I can mark it as accepted?