How to close a Windows 8/8.1 Game?


I have implemented a main menu for my game and I call Application.Quit() when the player wants to exit the game.
When I do this with the Windows 8 App the App gets minimized but stays in the taskbar and when I maximize it the game starts again. So it seems that only the Unity component of the quits but not the Windows app.

Does anyone know how I can quit the Windows app completly?

Per the guidelines for windows 8 apps, store apps, etc, you dont need to add a close. If you do they will likely reject it … You cant even have a exit button, last one i submitted that had a “quit game” button they rejected specifically for that. (but check the latest guidelines to be sure) … Just call application.quit, and let it do its thing. Typically windows closes those apps as it needs resources. I assume when you mean taskbar, your talking about the open apps ‘bar’ on the left hand side… if its the standard task bar at the bottom, thats a bit different.