How To Code Interior/Exterior Cell/Worldspaces Like Fallout/Skyrim

What I mean is, using seperate ‘shell’ models for the exteriors of buildings, with doors as seperate objects that go in the spaces required outside to let players in, which would then take them through a very short loading screen into the interior, which is a different worldspace or ‘cell’ or whatever you’d like to call it, spawning them in front of the door.

I’m not really sure how to word it, however I think anyone who’s played either games will know what I mean, or any from the Elder Scrolls series or Fallout series (any of the 3D ones at least). I don’t know the name for the feature, so sorry if it’s a bit confusing.

Basically I just want them to press E or F or whatever to activate the door, go through a brief loading screen, and into a new ‘cell’ where the interior of the building is located as a separate model from the exterior shell, which is located in the main worldspace.

Unity isn’t Netbryo, and honestly, it shouldn’t be. Netbryo needs to die, despite my love of ES since Morrowind. That said, you can set up a call to the SceneManager class to change scenes when the player interacts with a door or other transition object: