how to code side to side movement with using cross platform input?

Hello All

Could you please someone tell how to use cross plat form input for mobile input to achieve movement of side to side when player touch mobile devise.

obviously I am super new to use Unity and C# (sorry, I am still practicing and learning…)
if it is possible to share me the code or video, that would be fantastic.(I could not figure out watching YouTube…)


what I have figured out for now…

  1. I could implement cross platform input into my unity project.
  2. I put using UnityStandardAssets.CrossPlatformInput; into my main character behavior.
  3. I am stuck at here… I don’t know how to useCrossPlatformInputManager in order to achieve side to side movement.

Thank you in advance.

How would you like your player to move ? if you want it to move side by side with the help of buttons u also need to make two UI button and then from your standard assets folder drag and drop axiscontrols
(I don’t remember the actual name but it was something like that ) script to your two buttons .