how to combine gameobjects to reduce drawcalls

I’m up to create some kind of tile-based random generator, I came up the problem, that I will have way to many gameobjets and I want to combine them, at least to rooms or something of course from script. What can be the best solution? Thanks for your reply.

One approach to this problem is to use a texture atlas. Any objects that have the same material and simpler geometry (less than 900 vertex attributes), can and usually do bath together drastically reducing draw calls. So the trick is to combine the textures for many object into a single atlas, and use uv coordinates along with the atlas to have object displayed with “different” textures but using the same material. Third-party tools like NGUI and EZGUI (and there are a few others), make creating atlases and assigning UV coordinates easy. It can be done without such tools, but will involve some education and coding on your part to make it happen.