How to combine two 2D gameobjects?

Hi, I’m creating a 2D platformer. The character will be split into a top and bottom section and I need to combine them so that they will move together in harmony.

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After this, I think you only need to create an empty GameObject (lets call it for example “PlayerContainer”), and have all parts of your player as a child of this new gameobject

If you move, rotatte, scale the PLayerContainer, all its children we also do it.


1). Right Click on Hierarchy
2). Create Empty Game Object
3). Right Click the same Empty Game Object
4). Make two more Empty Game Objects
5). Name the top Game Object “Player”
6). Name the others maybe “Head”, “Body”.
7). Add Sprites to them.
8). Adjust the Transforms to the desired transform.

Enjoy the image it is in 3D but works just as well in 2D