How to compile Class Library using Visual Studio

I am working on an editor extension class library (DLL) and I have been using MonoDevelop. Except the MonoDevelop IDE crashes all of the time when editing source code. One second your typing, then all of the following text becomes corrupt and then it throws you out.

Yesterday MonoDevelop crashed for the last time, I am fed up with having to redo coding every time it crashes (2-3 times a day).

So I installed Visual Studio C# 2010 Express Edition and loaded my class library solution into there. The editor is fantastic (I had forgotten how good it was) from my years of VS2003.

When compiled my class library causes Unity to crash immediately. If I compile the same solution using MonoDevelop it works just fine. Is there a setting that I need to change from within Visual Studio or do I have to keep flicking between VS and MonoDevelop to compile?

The following forum post seems to answer this question: