How to completely remove an asset package

I recently imported the unity remote asset package into my project not realising that it was a complete project package and that it would affect my player settings and the editor itself. Before I imported the package I was getting up to around 920FPS on my project when run in the editor on PC (It is a pretty basic mobile game) but since I have imported the remote package, my FPS has dropped to around 50-60FPS on PC (it is around 20FPS when run on Mobile).

My question is, is there anyway to completely remove this package and its effects from my project?

Click the asset folder, and delete. If the package changed the project setting you can change them in Edit → Project Settings. If you don’t know which ones it changed, create new Unity project, import the package. before importing it asks which files to import and you can see which project setting it’s going to change, and you can change them back in you real project. Also a side note use Version Control, it’s times like these where you’ll thank yourself for doing that.

I was trying to remove a package but unknowingly had the PDF still open. I deleted the package from Assets but it kept coming back. Only after looking in Explorer and seeing that Unity didn’t delete the folder entirely did I realize that was the reason it kept being automagically re-imported. I tried deleting the folder in Explorer and it said “pdf is still in use”. I closed the PDF, deleted again and the package is finally gone for good!

In my case, I tried to delete a folder and kept on getting the following error message


Some assets could not be deleted. Make sure nothing is keeping a hook on them, like a loaded DLL for example.

Then, closed Unity, went to project’s location, tried to delete there and got the following error:


The action can’t be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program

So, I’ve gone to Windows Task Manager and ended every task and process related to Unity (including Unity Hub), then I could delete it just fine.

If you just remove the imported asset folder that was created, this does not remove anything that was imported in the main asset folder, or any other common subfolder names, right?

One such folder name is Assets/Plugins…very commonly used by assets, anything dropped in their would remain in project, that would need to be checked as well as any other odd folders imported…

This could potentially leave assets from the imported package is my thought.

Unity has such stepmotherly bad asset and resource management that i seriously consider dropping the whole tool an starting anew with Unreal.

Adding an asset to a vanilla perfect project and then deleting it (attempting to) destroys the vanilla project so badly that the next opening of it takes UNNECCESSARY hours … as it carries on the trash all the way onwards, BLOATING projects to 30sh and more GB for no valid reason.

And this is stating it in a NICE language too. 2021.1 here

NEVER seen such a hog in my 40 yrs of development.