How to connect to server with a WebGL Build using Unity's Multiplayer Service, Unity

I am currently using the Unity Network Lobby asset from the asset store, and I am having issues with connecting webGL builds to the Unity Multiplayer service. Main thing I am trying to do is have these WebGL builds connect to a standalone builds of the game, which I am running on my desktop.

On the server, I create the server using the top matchmaker button, and try to join the game with the List Server. This works on standalone builds, but on webGL the builds can’t find the server.
In the network manager, I have set the the network info to Use WebSockets to true. This lets me connect with the Stand alone build through the manual connection on the bottom of the screen, but I want to be able to have the client connect to the server without having to search up an IP address.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Bump - Getting a webgl build to connect to a server seems like it should be a standard feature. Anybody have a working example project?