How to connect wheels with car body

I have this so far

Can someone help,me

That walking car cracked me up :smiley:
Your joint anchors are in the wrong position. You need to set the anchor so that it’s in the center of the wheel. It’s the point at which the object is constrained by the joint, in this case around which it revolves.

Unity also has a special “Wheel collider”. I’ve personally never used it, but it comes with some extra functionality for the wheel, like slipping, anisotropic friction and spring-damper armature.

In addition to Pangamini’s answer, more generally you need to configure Visual Studio. If it’s not autocompleting code or underlining errors, it needs to be properly set up.

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Without it functioning properly you’ll get nowhere fast, as you can’t see errors as you’re making them, and can easily make capitalisation or misspellings.