How to control a part of a gameObject?

I have a particle simulation where I want the following to happen.

I have a particle which consists of 2 capsules.

When this particle comes into contact with a giant sphere (which represents a liquid) the “head” capsule (it’s tagged as head) should adsorp itself into the sphere. The other part, tagged “tail”, should still be visible.

Currently I have attached the objects to each other using FixedJoint.

This gives me the other results I want. It’s just the fact that I need to just see the tail part.

Current code:

// Collision in particle class  
if (CurrentCollider.tag == "binder" && this.collider.tag == "head")
				stickToBinder = true;

// FixedJoint in Adsorp class  
if (particle.GetStickToBinder())
				particle.CurrentJoint = particle.CurrentCollider.transform.gameObject.AddComponent<FixedJoint>();
				particle.CurrentJoint.connectedBody = particle.collider.transform.parent.parent.rigidbody;

Any help is appreciated.

Solved this by setting the rigidbody constraints.