How to control opacity in Cross Hair?

I want to control the opacity in cross hair as to make it 40% transparent. I have imported cross hair texture with alpha and I have applied unlit/transparent shader. I don’t get any control to change the opacity.

If the material it uses is a Transparent/Diffuse, then, as AusAdnrew has pointed out - you can adjust the alpha.

Click on the material, then click on the ‘Main Colour’ box, and a colour window should pop up. Reduce the ‘A’ slider (which is the Alpha), and the transparency should decrease/increase.

Also, to make really clean transparent textures, do this in photoshop:

Okay, so this is my crosshair in PS. What you want to do now is merge all your crosshair textures together, and hightlight it (Cmd, Click on shape icon). Also turn off your background. Next, go into the channel tab, and click ‘Create new channel’. An alpha channel should have been made, now fill your selection with white.



Then, go back to your layers tab, and paint the entire background the same-ish colour as your crosshair (in my case, its red), and turn the layer back on.

Within Unity, you can then adjust your alpha transparency however you want