How to control smoothly a sphere collider through a box collider, please help me ...

Hi all,
thanks everybody because in the past I read on the right solutions to my cases just in this place, but now I can’t go on and i’m fixed to a problem from long time.
Thats’s problem: I’m deep involved to realize a game in Vr about some sports like hockey etc… and the problem is that I can’t control the puck (the disk used in ice hockey) smoothly like i need , the real case i need a helping hand is about control the pluck by the stick where the player is stopped and receive the puck by another player or because he moved and stopped with it.
everytime the puck (or the ball is the same) is near to the stick’s player it doesn’t stop itself to be smoothly controlled by the player but instead always skips away like was hitten strongly by the stick, in words it doesn’t follow the right power given by the controller but it always made a behavior like was striked with power.
I tried every single combination of physics materials and evry kind of dinamic and static friction, but nothing works like i need. I tried to stop the too evry time the puck is in the state of oncollisionenter() but doesn’t work again,…the puck don’t stops and follow the control given from the player…how can i do to obtain a right control movement of the ball whenever needs to be smoothly handed by the stick?? thnks

I would say apply a to the velocity to entirily stop the disk when it hits the stick. And then apply a litlle force opposit to the stick to create a little bounce effect (just to make it fancy).
Or apply the force of the hit if the disk is being striked by the stick.

hi @Mini_alfa , thanks for your reply, as i write before I tried the way to stop all the movements by and to be honest tried the quaterion.identity too, but nothing seems to work in the right way , imagine a football player that receive a ball from a passing shot , he stops the ball with the chest or the left foot and than once the ball was in his control made the right pass to other players, so there isn’t forces in that but only controlling movements of the ball in the same place, right?
so i need it , to control the puck in place while is on my possession