How to convert Input.GetAxis to Accelerometer control?

Trying to convert this script for mobile use. How can I change the input.GetAxis statements to recognize accelerometer control rather than keyboard, I have tried a couple ways and cant get it, can someone get me over this hump? THANKS!!

// A very simplistic car driving on the x-z plane.
    var speed : float = 10.0;
    var rotationSpeed : float = 100.0;
    function Update () {
    // Get the horizontal and vertical axis.
    // By default they are mapped to the arrow keys.
    // The value is in the range -1 to 1
    var translation : float = Input.GetAxis ("Vertical") * speed;
    var rotation : float = Input.GetAxis ("Horizontal") * rotationSpeed;
    // Make it move 10 meters per second instead of 10 meters per frame...
    translation *= Time.deltaTime;
    rotation *= Time.deltaTime;
    // Move translation along the object's z-axis
    transform.Translate (0, 0, translation);
    // Rotate around our y-axis
    transform.Rotate (0, rotation, 0);

You’re not so far! According to the Input script reference, in mobile devices Unity assumes Y parallel to the long side, X parallel the short side and Z pointing to the user, like this:


You can do the following: when the game starts, save the current Input.acceleration as a zero reference; during the game, subtract Input.acceleration from this reference and use the resulting X and Y to feed the Horizontal and Vertical axes (or vice versa, if the button is at the right side during the game):

var zeroAc: Vector3;
var curAc: Vector3;
var sensH: float = 10;
var sensV: float = 10;
var smooth: float = 0.5;
var GetAxisH: float = 0;
var GetAxisV: float = 0;

function ResetAxes(){
    zeroAc = Input.acceleration;
    curAc =;

function Start(){

function Update(){
    curAc = Vector3.Lerp(curAc, Input.acceleration-zeroAc, Time.deltaTime/smooth);
    GetAxisV = Mathf.Clamp(curAc.y * sensV, -1, 1);
    GetAxisH = Mathf.Clamp(curAc.x * sensH, -1, 1);
    // now use GetAxisV and GetAxisH instead of Input.GetAxis vertical and horizontal
    // If the horizontal and vertical directions are swapped, swap curAc.y and curAc.x
    // in the above equations. If some axis is going in the wrong direction, invert the
    // signal (use -curAc.x or -curAc.y)

Check out this control I wrote which may help you out.


I worked in a game recently which needed an accelerometer control for a spaceship I created which is now available in the App Store as well, during my programming I found myself using this control for other games. I would recommended as is super easy to integrate into your game.

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