How to convert raw keycode to characters

I'm creating my own input manager to allow changing control configurations in game, since there still isn't a way to alter Unity's Input Manager through script (as far as I'm aware).

I'm using PlayerPrefs to hold the keycode, and want to display the key currently assigned to an action but it displays as an int. ie, Mouse0 comes out as 323.

Is there an easy way to convert these values to something more readable to the player? I've already gathered that String.fromCharCode() is not supported.

Just cast it back to KeyCode. KeyCode is an enum which holds all virtual keys. ToString will return the corresponding name of that key. So you would do something like that:

// C#
KeyCode forwardKey = (KeyCode)PlayerPrefs.GetInt("MySavedForwardKey",0);

// JS
var forwardKey : KeyCode = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("MySavedForwardKey",0);

And now it can be used to display the key name:

GUILayout.Label("Current forward key: " + forwardKey);