how to convert sprite to mesh or to a polygon ???

i need the the sprite have the"mesh collide "with the particle collider! but the sprite can’t add the “mesh filter”,so i want use the sprite-wireframe to Extrusion a polygon! !

by the way i want to know: how to add the "tag"use the script and how to change component"World Particle Collider-Collision Energy Loss " use the script to change the value?? thank you!!:)!

In general you can convert Sprite to Mesh with this:

Mesh SpriteToMesh(Sprite sprite)
        Mesh mesh = new Mesh();
        mesh.vertices = Array.ConvertAll(sprite.vertices, i => (Vector3)i);
        mesh.uv = sprite.uv;
        mesh.triangles = Array.ConvertAll(sprite.triangles, i => (int)i);

        return mesh;