how to convert system.object to unityEngine.object?

im trying to print my gameobjects’ prefab’s path.

public class ClassA{
public GameObject srcObject = null; 
public GameObject targetObject = null;

…other attributes;
ClassA myClass = new ClassA();

im trying to use gettype():

Type t = myClass.GetType();
     FieldInfo[] fis = t.GetFields();
    for (int i = 0; i < fis.Length; i++){
    if (fis*.FieldType.Equals(GameObjectType))*

UnityEngine.Object parentObject = EditorUtility.GetPrefabParent((UnityEngine.Object)fis*.GetValue(instance));*
string path2 = AssetDatabase.GetAssetPath(parentObject);

doesnt work
because GetPrefabParent only take UnityEngine.object as arguments
I dont know how to convert System.Obejct to UnityEngine.object
I would be very appreciated if anyone can help

found solution by myself, use fis.Name to get the name and then use GameObject.findnamefunction to get the gameobject