How to copy a particle system between objects?

Right now I have a campfire object, and a separate prefab with a particle system on it (not made by me). I want the particle system component to be part of the campfire to make scripting easier, but can’t find any way to copy it without maybe trying to trace it from scratch.

Any ideas? Thanks

EDIT: I already have an empty prefab with just a particle system on it. I want to move the actual particle system component (with all it’s values and textures etc) to my Campfire prefab.

  1. Go to particle system gameobject
  2. Find particle system component on it
  3. Press that gear icon
  4. In drop down menu press “Copy Component”
  5. Go to any gameobject or prefab
  6. Press any gear icon on any component
  7. In drop down menu press “Paste Component As New”

Now you have component you need in prefab or gameobject you need.