How to copy, not clone, a Tree Creator tree?

I haven't found a way of making a tree with Tree Creator and copy it and to modify it without updating the original tree. Does anyone know how to do it?

Well I just tried some tip that works but can't be sure it does not "disturb" anything.
Tree Creator is quite sensitive stuff and I won't say I understand everything yet.

Though you may try this :
1/ select your tree called "tree" and duplicate it in the project list (of course not in Hierarchy tab), you get "tree 1"
2/ Now develop the prefab of this new tree and select "Tree data"
3/ You see in the inspector that the first line is called "Unique ID" : the number is the same than your first tree.
4/ Enter any other number there. You'll see that now when you change this "tree 1" it won't affect "tree".

ps : I noticed this number also changes itself each time you make any change on the tree meshe so maybe some more info about what is exacty "unique ID" would be necessary, not sure I understand the use of it. Anyway this seems to work for what you asked.

expert needed here I guess…

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Thanks will try this.

Hi Iasco,

Thanks for this tip. I tried it and it works! I was able to duplicate a bush and give the second bush different leaves by changing the Unique ID In the Tree Data of the second bush.


Hey guys hope your still active here =)

Can you tell me where to find to tree data ?



Yeah - Tree Data does not appear in the inspector for me.

I tried copying the forms in "Tree" (I have a component copier plug in).

That didn't work either. Those replies are from 2011, so I wonder if things changed in the update.

Its still working the same way. Copy the Tree prefab in the Project view with - Edit - Duplicate - change the Unique ID of the tree in Tree Data and then it works (you can find the Tree Data file in the Project view when you click on the little arrow on the Tree prefab file.

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This has caught me out and was infuriating until I spotted what was going on.

I created a Tree. Dragged it into my Prefabs folder. Duplicated it and then went to edit the duplicate copy. This, as everyone has been complaining about, made changes to the original as well as the copy. What I discovered was that there was another tree asset further down in my assets list and both Prefabs were referencing it. This tree asset has a dropdown arrow and under there is the illusive “Tree Data” that everyone keeps talking about.

For me, I simply duplicated the “Tree Base” asset (with the space in the name) and modifying this duplicate worked as expected without making changes to the original. Hope that’s helps some of you out.

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Is it possible to have many instances of a single tree prefab, each with a deferent "Seed" parameter, or do we need to create new prefabs for each seed number? Like how other objects in unity, can have exposed parameters, which when changed, only affect the current instance being manipulated.