How to copy the Angry Bots Character from Angry Bots Project to a new one

I want to copy the character you play as in the demo project Angry Bots to a new project, i want to do this as i want to create a game that had the same control system (move with W A S D and rotate with the mouse) and copying it from Angry Bots to a new project will save time and effort

i’ve tried myself but every time i try i either get a lot of errors or it does nothing, does anyone have a step by step guide that i can follow to do the copy or even where i can download a asset package that i can import

Copying over assets is as simple as selecting them, right-clicking and choosing export. This will generate a .UnityPackage which you can drag, drop and unpackage in your other project.

The errors you are getting are most likely dependencies you haven’t included. Make sure you tick the box ‘include dependencies’ as to make sure all assets that this assets uses are also included. Then there’s the problem of scripts that this script relies on. You’ll have to include each script it references or you will have to tweak the main script in such a way it doesn’t rely on other scripts any more.