How to correct a random time error in C#

Hello Community. I have a script that instantiates an object at an interval of 10 seconds. It works great, but it stops after Zero to five times!! I think it is some Kind of Timing error, but I can’t understand what it is. Please take a look at the following code and let me know if you can help. Thanks!!

                currentTime = DateTime.Now;
		if(currentTime.Second == dtime)
			time = currentTime;
			Rigidbody drop = Instantiate (dropBox, dropPos.position, dropPos.rotation) as Rigidbody;
			dropCheck = true;
			dtime = time.Second + 10;
			Debug.Log ("time.Second");
			Debug.Log (time.Second.ToString ());
			Debug.Log ("dtime");
			Debug.Log (dtime.ToString ());

Your issue is that time.Second is the seconds in the current minute, so it only has values between 0 and 59. You can fix your code by:

dtime = (time.Second + 10) % 60;

But to simplify your world, as I commented above, consider using InvokeRepeating().