How to correct the First Person Controller orientation when parenting to a rotated x.270 degrees model?

Hi all, I am creating a simple lift and I have a problem. The lift is an imported model with animation, I attach the first person controller to the animated platform and it turns 90 on the side. Here is my code and some photos of the scene. Is there any solution to that? Can i rotate the controller after I attach it? something like FPCobject.transform.Rotate(Vector3(270, 0, 0),Space.Self);

if((hit.gameObject.tag == "liftani") && (showMenu== false))
    FPCobject = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Player");
    FPCobject.transform.parent = hit.transform;
    FPCobject.transform.Rotate(Vector3(270, 0, 0),Space.Self);
    moveFloor(liftMoveSound, 3, "platform2_3UP", currentPlatform);
    //FPCobject.transform.parent = null;

    //showMenu = true;

the hierarchy

the problem

How about just fixing the pivot orientation of your lift object (i.e. change it so that Y = up), in the 3D app that you used to make it?

The answer might be as simple as creating an empty gameObject and putting your lift inside it. Then, add colliders so that the new gameobject gets the hits, not the lift itself. Then, add your code to the gameobject, and you should be set to go, since gameobjects by default are not rotated at all, thus no rotation of the camera when parent/childing.