How to correctly adapt Colliders in an animation?

I use Mixamo to animate objects and then with the animation events trigger functions to adapt the collider in a GameObject.

Is this the correct way to adapt the collider in an animation? If not, how should I do it?

What do you mean by “adapt the collider”?
If you change its positiion and scale so it could stay at the same place as the animated object, then maybe you should just attach the collider to the object in the inspector.

Lets say, you have a character and he has a kick animation. So, to make a collider of his leg to be always at the leg position, just open the leg bone in the hierarchy, add component CapsuleCollider or CylinderCollider to it, edit the collider bounds so it fits the leg nicely, and that’s all. Now the leg collider will be moving with the animated leg and there’s no need to adjust it.