How to correctly reconnect turned off gamepad using new input system?

Im having problem with new input system.
Everything seems to work just fine, on local multiplayer game. Players are spawned correctly.
But when i turn of one gamepad and turn it back again - strange thing happens. ANd it works in total random order depending on player ID. Sometime if i turn off first gamepad it still works, sometimes not (same thing happens when turning off and on again 2nd gamepad).
Sometimes all players lost control option (seems that they don’t receive broadcast message inputs - but in controller debug windows all inputs from gamepads are displayed correctly).

OnDeviceLost() and OnDeviceRegained() are executed correctly. Do i need to assign action / id or something back to the player after turning on the gamepad?

I cant find any information about it, only simple vide tutorials not covering this topic at all.
I will be great full for any advice.

Never mind, its fixed in 1.0.0 - preview 4. If anyone face same problem I recommend using this version of input system. Its available on: GitHub - Unity-Technologies/InputSystem: An efficient and versatile input system for Unity.