How to create 2d terrain

I after too much searching i’ve found all answers relating to the subject tend to be responding to a step further in the process (such as dynamic generation) so i’m reluctantly forced to ask here:

What’s the general process of creating a simple 2d terrain that will react accordingly with the physics engine?

Previously tried using the terrain object with absolutely no success, and messed around with box colliders to get roughly what I wanted but felt a bit hacked together so not really what I wanted.

Would appreciate any insight (not really looking for anything from the asset store until i’m at least doing it myself and decide I want something a bit more sophisticated)

You could make a mesh terrain in a modeling program, and then use a mesh collider.

Also, you could try something like MegaFiers (I think that’s what it’s called) or RageSpline.

This tool is good, creates terrains through images provided by the user

Also creates components such as trees, stairs, pipes …

Allows the creation and manipulation of collider for objects

2D Level Creator