How to create a 2D fighter

I'm creating a 2D fighter very simple street fighter style i've found the script for combos on the wiki tips and scripts i'm just starting so i need some help as in how do i make the characters, animate, them and add a life bar that decreases on contact such as a "hit" thanks for any help or links to something that can help me

A few stuff I'll Recommend You to do.

1) Try out the unity 2D tutorial to get a basic idea on how to move and such in a 2D manner and pick up some useful scripts from there.

2) Here's a script I wrote earlier on how to make a Health Bar.

3) Here's the order of scripts I'll recomend you to do so that you can have a step by step idea on how to go around it.

i) Focus on moving back and forth then finally jumping. (Unit the LookAt() function to allow your units to automatically face each other if they switch sides)

ii) Focus on simple kicking and punching. (Just make sure you can do one simple hit or punch first. Once you do that the depth like light, medium and heavy punch will just be a difference in hp lost upon being hit.)

iii) Complete it with the combos you like. (Remember to keep a list of action and states of each fighter so that you can identify a combo when its made.)

For actions and animations, save them in different states and for each action reflect the state that the animation is built for. Its a bit more complicated that most people to expect to keep posting more questions in the forums as you go along.