How to create a caustic effect due to water surface

Hi everybody !

I’m working on a simple video game using unity3D and I would like to know how can I implement in Unity a caustic effect due to the water surface like this video : - YouTube

Can I do this with or without shader? Can anybody show me the source code of the shader or explain me the tip to do this effect.

Thank for your advices.


Thanks for answers.

I need effect on the floor. I checked the WaterSimple script and the FX- Water Simple shader from the basic water package but I have no idea to how use them to make the caustic effect in the floor.

Have you an idea on the way to use them ?

The basics are covered in GPU Gems.

It sounds like, though, that you’re going to want to start on “Shaders 101” first before diving into something as complex as water simulation.