How to create a complicated game over scene ? Help

I know it sounds stupid but I have looked every where and I can’t find an answer. I have a ball and seven walls I want to go to my levels scene and I also want it so when the ball passes a certain point the level is completed so I added this script:
function Update ()
if(transform.position.y< -5)

but it isn’t working thanks in advance!

Your script looks flawless.

Have you attached it to the moving object?

Is your scene called gameoverscene?

Have you added gameoverscene to the build menu? File > Build Settings

Play the game and watch the transform position of your object, does it become the answer you need?

Try changing the

transform.position.y < -5


transform.position.y > -5

Some times it can be the opposite way you require :slight_smile: Hope this helps!