how to Create A Directory ?

Hi ,I am trying to create a directory in which i will save a text file this is my code

function Save()


//create the root Directory

if (!Directory.Exists (Application.dataPath  +

“Enregistrement”)) {

    Directory.CreateDirectory (Application.dataPath  +



//create directory for each client

if (!Directory.Exists (Application.dataPath + NomClient)) {

    Directory.CreateDirectory (Application.dataPath + NomClient);


//create text file with informations of the client

+ NomClient+"/Information.txt",

							"Nom Client: "+ NomClient 

								  + ", " + 

							"Type: "+Chambre

						           +" , "+

						   "Taille: Largeur : "+LargeurGUIText+

						    " Longeur: "+LongeurGUIText

							       +" , "+

							"Nom du Chambre : "+NomMeuble

								   +" , "+

								 "Date: "+Day);



but this error pop up BCE0005: Unknown identifier: ‘Directory’.
any one can help me please??

Sounds to me like you just need to add the "System.IO" namespace to the top of your class:

import System.IO;

After that, it should recognize the Directory class.