How to create a hollow sphere world?

I want do define my world inside a sphere. The objects are stuck to the wall of the sphere within the sphere. Is there any way to do this?


Yeah, there are various ways to do this. First you should get with the concept of

#wrapper objects

(or “marker objects”) which is used all the time in game engines. LIke, half the answers on here are just “use a wrapper object then it’s easy”

Here’s almost the same question except you’re inside out here

Actually this question is your question inside-out

also similar…

Another totally different approach. Just turn off gravity and make your own force.

The force is actually incredibly easy … if you think about it, it is simply **away from the center of the Drowl.

(A Drowl is a World inside-out.)

Hope it helps

Inside-out arcade planet game is a pretty good description. I want to make a sort of “racing tanks” battle type game, where players play inside of a sphere. I’m can’t give you any real examples, as I don’t know myself personally. It’s just a project I came up with on the moment.

Thx for the comments you guys, it really did help.