How to create a laser (With colliders) for a weapon?

Hello, i'm nathan. i need to know how to build a laser for my weapon. i used trails(Particle emitter), but Guess what? no collision. i can fire at someone but am not able to create a script to negate health, as there are nothing to Negate with. any how idea to create a laser beam with collision that look the least bit effective and not too much processing intensive?


The 3d Platformer tutorial with Lerpz explains how to create a laser field that moves up and down and causes damage when the player walks through it.

This should be exactly what you need to get started.

Hello Nathan, you laser follows a straight pattern? if so, you can test for collision using a Raycast that follows the same straight path of the laser.

Hope this helps, Simone

Additionally the FPS tutorial will show you how to do the raycasting collision Simone mentioned: