How to create a loading screen/prealoder? (problem with mine)

Hi I’m working on a simple android application, I have a Main menu where the player can click on start however from playtest I notice that the time necessary to load the application can trick the player to click again. So I have decided to create a dummy scene (very light) to load before the game itself as a kind of preloader.

The prealoder scene, is just a white 3d text on a white background(color of the camera), where a cube moves from left to right (making the background visible so the please wait isn’t visible anymore). As soon the scene is loaded a call the Application.LoadLevel to load the real level. However use this command frezze the other code, making the scene static. There is a way to fix that problem and make unity load the second scene in background?

You need Unity Pro and Application.LoadLevelAsync.